Murdoch Mysteries

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Name: Murdoch Mysteries
Abbreviation(s): The Artful Detective (on some U.S. channels)
Creator: R.B. Carney, Cal Coons, Alexandra Zarowny
Date(s): 2004 - present
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: Canada
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Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian television drama-mystery series.


The series follows William Murdoch, a police detective working in Toronto, Canada, around the turn of the twentieth century.

Main Characters

  • Detective William Murdoch
  • Doctor Julia Ogden
  • Constable George Crabtree
  • Inspector Thomas Brackenreid



Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Casefic: because of the procedural nature of the series many stories focus on the characters solving various murder mysteries
  • Episode Tags: based on the occurrences of specific episodes, often the aftermath of certain cases
  • Futurefic: before William and Julia committed to a relationship, and eventually got married, fanfiction was written speculating how and when they would get together
  • Crossover: usually involving characters from other fandoms ending up in Victorian Toronto and meeting Murdoch and others


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