More Than Gratefully

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Title: More Than Gratefully
Author(s): Julie Kramer
Date(s): 1986
Fandom: Blake's 7
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More Than Gratefully is a Blake's 7 Avon/Vila story by Julie Kramer.

It was published in The Other Side #2.

Reactions and Reviews

(A/V) - Julie Kramer: Avon saves Vila's life and Vila offers himself in return. A bit of a sentimental wallow, and a bit too much of a "Soppy Wobbly Vila" story for me. As usual, People Who Like That Sort Of Thing will like this. [1]
I skipped most of this one. Avon saves Vila’s life (with an action that did not endanger him really at all), so Vila tries to offer him sex as a reward. Avon says no thanks, Vila is very sad and suggests he might leave and everyone on the ship turns on Avon, who is treated as a heartless bastard (to be fair, I don’t think the others know that Avon rejected the sex, but the fic itself seems to think Avon is wrong to have been like ‘er... I never expressed any sexual interest in you and now you’re naked in my bed. This is weird, please get out’). Then they do have sex... I assume at the end of it everything was nice? Not for me, anyway. [2]


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