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Name: Miss Sherlock
Abbreviation(s): ミス・シャーロック
Creator: Mami Oikawa, Amane Marumo, Nobuaki Kotani
Based on character by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (original)
Date(s): One season: April 27, 2018-Final episode date: June 15, 2018
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: Japan
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Miss Sherlock was a television crime drama produced by Hulu and HBO Asia staring Yuko Takeyuchi as Sherlock and Shihori Kanjiya as Wato. This loose adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes character was noteworthy for having a female Sherlock and Watson. The change of setting for the main character offered a new take on the story that made it popular in the West even though it was only available for viewing on HBO Asia.

The characters and the storyline more closely follow the modern BBC adaptation Sherlock than the original Conan Doyle, with Wato seeing a therapist and Sherlock disappearing after a fall. Although there were high hopes for a continuation of the story, this seems unliked due to the death by suicide of the main actress, Yuko Takeyuchi by suicide in September of 2020.


A doctor, Tachibana Wato San, traumatized by a bombing she witnessed while on a charity mission, finds herself entangled with the strange detective, Sherlock (a.k.a. Futaba Sara Shelly), as she investigates her mentor’s mysterious death.


The fact that both main characters were female made the main fandom ship Sherlock/Wato San.[1]

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