Mind Over Matter

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Title: Mind Over Matter
Publisher: Ricochet Press
Type: anthology
Date(s): 2016
Medium: digital
Size: 41 pages
Fandom: Marvel, DC Comics
Language: English
External Links: https://gumroad.com/ricochetpress, http://ricochetpress.tumblr.com/
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Mind Over Matter is a gen zine focusing on superheroes and mental health. It contains fanfiction, fanart, and fancomics.


Mind Over Matter is a digital fan zine that explores the relationship between superheroes and mental health containing both black & white and colour illustrations, comics, poetry and prose. It’s distributed on Gumroad free of charge in PDF format NOW!

The contents of MoM explore the ways in which superheroes and supervillains - defined here as individuals with powers, skills, and other traits greater than those possessed by average humans - associate with, and are affected by, issues of mental health. The contents will also explore creators’ relationship to these heroes and villains and their own experiences with mental health.

Contributors: Liana Kangas, Eriot, Jack Rogers, Nice Day, Bucky!, Jessie Wionzek, Insha Fitzpatrick, Joseph Giampetro, Mad Moll Green & Nikki Sherman, Michael Norwitz, Stephanie Rochon

We thank everyone who has contributed, supported and helped us in making this first volume! Keep your eyes out when submissions open up for Mind Over Matter V.2! :D