Minas Tirith Evening-Star

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Title: Minas Tirith Evening-Star
Publisher: American Tolkien Society
Editor(s): Phil and Marie Helms (out of Michigan)
Date(s): 1967-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Tolkien
External Links: Minas Tirith Evening Star website
Cover Winter 2007 Issue, Art by Wojciech Klej
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Minas Tirith Evening-Star is a gen Tolkien-based journal/newsletter/fanzine of the American Tolkien Society. It began publication in 1967 as an independent fanzine associated with a short-lived Tolkien fan group. In 1975, it became the Journal of the American Tolkien Society and was publishing as late as 2007. A sample copy of the newsletter can be found here on the Minas Tirith Evening Star website. Available back issues can be found here. The newsletter included essays, reviews, poetry and fan fiction.

v.9 n.11

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.9 n.11 was published in October 1980. It is a special Tom Bombadil issue and includes: Tom Bombadil by Marci H., Tom Bombadil's Canticle For May by Thomas E., Tom Bombadil And The Ring by Simon M., Tom's Song by Marthe B., Vainamoinen And Bombadil by David D., Tom Bombadil - A Speculative Article Concerning His Origin And Possible Creation by Simon M., and Defense Of The Old Forest by Philip W. H.. This issue also includes artwork by Dave M., Patrick Wy., Steven W., Rhonda H., Stephen L., and Marthe B.

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.9 n.11 was published in Summer 1983.

v.13 n.3

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.13 n.3 was published May/June 1984. The issue is mostly poetry and includes: Eldamar (poem) by Nancy C. P., Westron Union (editorial) by Philip W. H., I Hear The Call (poem) by Nancy C. P., A Dream Of Mordor (poem) by Thomas M. E., Frodo's Phial (poem) by Eddy K., Magic Rings, Elves And Kings (poem) by Lee G., Lay Of Legolas (poem) by Nancy C. P., Valar (poem) by Thomas M E., Praise Frodo (poem) by Brian A., The Parlous Realm Within (poem) by Nancy C. P., Frodo (poem) by Kevin W., A Dwarvish Knack (poem) by Anthony A., The Ring Of Power (poem) by Lee G., Fair Firiel, Laureleth (poem) by Marthe B., Hugo's Bookcase (review) by Anne E., Gollum's Riddle Corner (riddles) by Nancy C. P., Scrambled Words (game) by Tim C., Tolkien Crossword (puzzle) by B. Price, and Delvings Contest by Philip W. H.. This issue also includes artwork by Barbara C., Marthe B., Dave M., M.J. Riddle, Phil H., Brian P., P.J. di Sante, Mary B., Mike L., Eunice R., Marcia K., Maria T. K., Nancy P., and Rhonda H.

v. 13 n.4

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v. 13 n.4 was published in July/August 1984. The issue includes: Aragorn And The Ordering And Administration Of Arnor by Donald O'B., ATS Tolkien Week, Hobbit Day, A Special Tribute, and Hugo's Bookcase reviews by David D. and Philip H.. This issue also includes artwork by Scott F., Paula J. D., Tim K., Rhonda H., and Phil H.

v.13 n.6

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.13 n.6 was published in November/December 1984. The issue includes: Down On The Farm In The Shire by Eunice R., Mankato Papers Re-released announcement, Paddle-feet And Not Paddle-paws by J.S. Ryan, Survivor's Lament (story and poem) by Haiko K., Westron Union (editorial) by Philip W. H., Hugo's Bookcase reviews by Thomas M. E. and Philip W. H., Sailing Song (poem) by Susan Lilas W., Gollum's Puzzle Corner, and Shiretalk (letters). This issue also includes artwork by Philip W. H., Eunice R., Barbara C., Phil H., and M.J. Riddle.

v.14 n.1

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.14 n.1 was published in the winter of 1985. The issue includes: Notes From The King's Reckoning (And Its Descendants) by John H., An Important Influence, His Professor's Wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Mary (Lea) Wright by J.S. R., Westron Union editorial by Philip W. H., Until Durin Wakes (poem) by Matthew A., A Ride Along The Isen (story) by Eunice R., and Marginalia: Height and Sense Of Presence In Tolkien's Works by Philip W. H.. This issue also includes artwork by Marian L.A. H., Rhonda H., M.J. Riddle, Phils H., Eunice R., D. Willow, and David M.

v.14 n.2 - v.24 n.1

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.14 n.2 was published in Spring 1988.

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.18 n.2 was published in Summer 1989.

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.18 n.3 was published in Fall 1989.

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.19 n.1 was published in Spring 1990.

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.19 n.3 was published in Fall 1990.

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.19 n.4 was published in Winter 1990.

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.21 n.3-4, v.22 n.2-4 and v.23 n.1. Volume 21 n.4 was published in Winter 1992. Contents according to one eBay seller include: "About the Nobility of the Dark Forces," much poetry (some of it rather good), fiction, many reviews of Tolkien-related books, discussions of Frodo's pacifism, "Nazis and Nazgul: Symbolism in Tolkien's Middle-Earth," the relation of King Alfred's concept of Wisdom to Tolkien's moral philosophy, "Tolkien's Dreams and Awakenings," a continuing story "The Bounder Goes Abroad" using Trotter, Tolkien's original conception for Aragorn; "Thomas Aquinas in Middle-Earth: Just War Theory Applied to the Ring."

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.23 n.2 may have been published in Summer of 1994. Contents according to one eBay seller include: "a cover illustration by Wajiciech Klej, reviews of a dozen Tolkien-related books, including such major ones as The Tolkien Handbook, Tolkien: A Critical Assessment, Bilbo's Last Song, Lord of the Rings: The Mythology of Power, The Road to Middle-Earth, and even the perennial National Lampoon take-off, Bored of the Rings, as well as many more. Finally, there is another installment of "Trotter: The Bounder Goes Abroad," this one with Ents in it, and of the unusual continuing stories of the Slaski Klub Fantastski. It is, of course, printed on recycled paper."

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.23 n.3 was published in Fall 1993.

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.24 n.1 was published in Spring 1995 and contains 16 pages.

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.24 n.3 was published in Fall 1995.

v.35 n.2

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.35 n.2 was published in the summer of 2006 and contains 24 pages. It was edited by Amalie A. Helms. Front cover "The Two Towers, 4" by Melanie Neer.

  • "Tolkien in Academia" by David L. Dettman, p. 3
  • "Snowmane’s Tale" (fiction) by Melanie Neer, p. 11
  • "Hugo's Bookshelf" (news and reviews), p. 20
  • Updated ATS Dues Structure, p. 23
  • "Zinnia Stook’s From the Larder" (recipe) by Sharon Helms, p. 24

v.35 n.3

Minas Tirith Evening-Star v.35 n.3 was published in the autumn of 2006. "Pippin felt curiously attracted by the well" by Matthew M. Montelione (front cover).

  • David L. Dettman, Tolkien in Acadamia
  • Matthew Anish, Justin J. Lorince, Jonathon Svendsen, In the Hall of Fire (poetry)
  • Hugos Bookshelf
  • Zinnia Stook's From the Larder