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Name: Cinda Gillilan
Alias(es): clgfanfic, Chris Alexander and more other names
Type: zine editor, fanwriter
Fandoms: The Magnificent Seven, War of the Worlds, Soldier of Fortune, Alias Smith and Jones, Riptide, The Sentinel, Without a Trace, Houston Knights
Communities: The Neon Gang (member)
Other: Neon Rainbow Press
URL: clgfanfic at Archive of Our Own
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Cinda Gillilan is fanwriter, co-owner and editor, along with Jody Norman, of Neon Rainbow Press. She conducted Cinda Gillilan's 1997 Fan Survey.

List of aliases

Cinda has used several pennames over the years as a writer, and is considered under several of these names, part of The Neon Gang. Below is a list of these names:

  • Angelica Cooper-Smith
  • Aspen Glennbearn
  • Becca Koldfurr
  • Ben Thayer
  • Birgitt Schuknecht
  • Caryn Gottman
  • Caryn Mayo
  • Casey Squire
  • Cedar J. Duel
  • Cheyenne Winnie
  • Chris Alexander
  • Dana Edwards
  • Dana Ely
  • Dani Martin
  • DarkAngel
  • Deyna W. Greywolf
  • Diamond
  • Don Thatt
  • Dori Adams
  • Duval
  • Erica Michaels
  • Fallon Zane, Gillian Holt, Grace Fortado, J.P. Cads, Jerkey Treat, Joan Teri Janes, Joan Terri Janes, Justa Foreau, Kacey Tucker, Kaed, Kai O'Thay, Karson Raine, KC, Koppie, Laura Brush, Laura Cathcart, Laura Duval Grigsby, Laura Grigsby, Laura Zane, Layel Karson, Lexi Jordan, Llyr Chaves, Lorin Zane, Lynn Gill, Mary, Fallon, Michelle Fortado, Morgan MacCarin, Nancy Platte, Nina Talbot, Paige Aaron, Pat, Patricia Grace, Rachel Squire, Rebecca Wright, Rhianna Corke, Robyn Jordaine, RubyJ, Sierra Chaves, Sierra Pruitt, Shiloh, Sioned Dannan, Squire
  • Tara MacKenzie
  • Teri
  • Zane
  • Zerelda