Merry Smutmas

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Name: Merry Smutmas
Date(s): 2003-2007
Founder: GMTH
Type: Fic Exchange
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: Merry Smutmas on LJ
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Merry Smutmas was a very popular LiveJournal based Harry Potter Holiday fic exchange that ran from 2003 to 2007. Merry Smutmas was created and maintained by GMTH in 2003.

GMTH wrote that Merry Smutmas was the first fic exchange to use the "tell me your kinks and squicks and I'll write/draw something just for you" model, and I am more proud of that than I can say. It caught on like wildfire almost from the moment the first round of Smutmas concluded in January, 2004, and has not stopped spreading since. There are fests using this model running all year long in the HP fandom now, in all genres and in a wide variety of pairings, and it's made incredible inroads into other fandoms, as well. It's an amazing feeling to have had a hand in that. Ironically, though, the popularity of the Smutmas model is exactly what has rendered it redundant. And while I'm sad about that in many ways, I'm also very glad that it's going out on such a high note, and that's all down to you, the participants and watchers in Smutmas 2007.[1]


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