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Journal Community
Name: Merlin Bulletin
Date(s): 06 January 2009 (founding date) - February 2015 (last entry)
Moderator: merrilily, mklutz and mamoru22.
Type: noticeboard
Fandom: Merlin
URL: merlin_bulletin (LiveJournal); archive link
community header by mklutz

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Merlin Bulletin was a community that serves as an announcement board for Merlin fandom.

From the profile page:
This community has been developed based on the very useful sga_noticeboard community, and most of the same rules apply. (Since Merlin is such a new fandom, for the moment there are no restrictions on what communities can be announced.)
The merlin_bulletin is for announcing any Merlin fanwork, communities, or websites; and sharing Merlin news (both about the show, and about any conventions, should they come to be).
Membership is open to all; posting access is open to all members.
The Dreamwidth sister comm of Merlin_Bulletin is Merlin_Noticeboard.