Mender of Bad Souls

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Title: Mender of Bad Souls
Author(s): xBryn Lantry
Date(s): 1993
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Mender of Bad Souls is a Blake's 7 Avon/Blake story by xBryn Lantry.

It was printed in the zine Songs of Innocence.

Reactions and Reviews

The stories are a mixed bag. Songs of Innocence is generally overall, but it does have one jewel in 'Mender of Bad Souls' by xBryn Lantry. This is my second-favourite Blake story of all (the absolute favourite being the sequel from Fire & Ice II) - PGP, badly damaged, dangerous, despairing - and bloody wonderful...Avon is also battered, ambiguous and quite breathtaking. Be warned, though - it's for B/A fans, no other character else gets a more than a glance. And her writing is fairly stylised, and probably not to everyone's taste. [1]
Avon deals with Blake's sexual dysfunciton and cures him with one encounter. Blake is dumb and naive, and Avon makes Blake give himself an enema before they begin. The sex is short and cliched, no angst to speak of . Grade: D [2]
This is the first part of the story that appears in FIRE AND ICE 2. B/A. Blake and Avon get reacquainted after the shooting on GP. [3]
This also doesn't belong in 'Songs of Innocence' as it's about B and A being really tired PGP. There are a lot of 'Julius Ceasar' references and a traditionally difficult prose line. I liked it, though. The way they talk to each other (bitter, but invested in each other - and the fact that this is what the story is about) makes it interesting. [4]


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