Memory Alpha (Star Trek: TOS zine published in Ohio)

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See also Memory Alpha (disambiguation).

Title: Memory Alpha
Publisher: S.T.A.R. Cincinnati, Ohio
Editor(s): Gloria Anderson
Date(s): 1975-1976
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Memory Alpha is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology of fiction and articles.

Issue 1

Memory Alpha 1 contains 62 pages. It was published in January 1975. The front cover is by Greg Kile, the back cover by Denise Gordon, and inside illos are by Gloria Anderson and Dave Meyers.

front cover of issue #1,by Greg Kile
inside page from issue #1, Greg Kile

It was done on nice typewriter paper stock and the cover is blue heavy stock. This was all hand typed, put together then mimeographed.

  • Editor's Preface (4)
  • A Friend in Need by Ben Rosenthal (7)
  • SMASH (12)
  • A Private Little War or Point - Counterpoint (13)
    • The Weapon by Bill Pugh (14)
    • A Slightly Weird Story with Little Weird Creatures by a Person Who is Just a Little Weird ... by Greg Kile (14)
  • Poem, Exodus from Earth (19)
  • Who Owns the Tribble (32)
  • Mr. Sulu, Set Course for the Nearest Star Base and Hurry by Greg Kile (article) (34)
  • Memory Alpha Puzzle (38)
  • Poem, Armageddon (39)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed by Dale Kemper (40)
  • Enterprise Interview (54)
  • Memory Alpha Trivia Quiz (54)
  • Answer Sheet (58)
  • To All Star Trek Fans... by Arlene Anderson (article)

Issue 2

Memory Alpha 2 was published in August 1976 and contains 30 pages. The front cover is by G. Kile and interior illos by G. Anderson, T. Answorth, and B. Stocker.

cover of issue #2
  • Sound of Echoes by B. Alexander (7 pages)
  • Theme 4 by G. Kile
  • The Feminine Touch by A. Anderson (2 pages)
  • It's In the Stars by D. Dempsey (article) (2 pages)
  • Plea from Eriam (7 pages)