Meet Me at Infinity

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Star Trek TOS Fanfiction
Title: Meet Me at Infinity
Author(s): James Tiptree, Jr.
Date(s): 1972
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Meet Me at Infinity is a Star Trek: TOS story by James Tiptree, Jr..

Tiptree originally wrote it as an unsolicited script for Star Trek called "The Nowhere People." When it was rejected unread, Tiptree retitled it and had it published in a fanzine.

It was published in Eridani Triad #3.

Tiptree even decided to try and write for "Star Trek," and sent a story entitled "The Nowhere People" to Roddenberry on August 28, 1968. It was returned unread on September 20, with a letter stating that the studio could not "read or consider unsolicited literary material." Tiptree wrote to Fred Pohl, Harry Harrison, and David Gerrold asking for advice on getting the story on the show.

She eventually gave up on the idea of writing for the series, and it was canceled, anyway. "The Nowhere People," after a couple of title changes, was published as "Meet Me at Infinity" in the "Star Trek" fanzine Eridani Triad in 1972.

Ideas for several other Star Trek stories went undeveloped, but while still trying to sell "The Nowhere People" to the show show, she created her own starship and crew, and plotted out four storylines for them ("two adventures, two deeper types"). Before writing them, though, she went back to do a story introducing the crew. This was submitted to John W. Campbell, Jr., at "Analog" on November 18, 1968, as "Happiness is a Warm Spaceship" (the alternate titles "'Two -- Four -- Six -- Eight! Don't Want To --'" and "The Shakedown Artists" were offered). Campbell rejected it as "too discursive," and on December 9, 1968, it went to Fred Pohl, who was then editing "Galaxy" and "If." Pohl returned it as too long, but he'd look at a revised version which went to him on February 8, 1969, "totally rewritten and shorter." Pohl accepted it, complaining that "I like it, but... it still dawdles," and said he would only be interested in further stories in the series "if they are tighter and preferable shorter."

"Happiness is a Warm Spaceship" was published in the November 1969 issue of "If," by then under new ownership and with a new editor, Ejler Jakobson. Tiptree wrote to Jakobson on June 16, 1969, asking if he would be interested in the series; there is no response in her files. No other complete stories were written, although two version of a book proposal and some brief fragments were. One plot shows up as both a "Rosenkrantz" story and a "Star Trek" one." [1]


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