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Journal Community
Date(s): Created 3 February 2010 - Last updated 24 March 2013
Moderator: ciel_vert, fleurdeliser, lucifuge_5, tabula_x_rasa
Type: general news and discussion
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
URL: livejournal

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mcr_unofficial was an MCR discussion community created in 2010 as an alternative to chemicalromance. The community closed in 2013 after the band's breakup announcement.

The livejournal community has 588 posts and 31,688 comments as of 2017. A Dreamwidth mirror was created in 2011, but has only 101 posts and 19 comments.

From the community profile:

This is a community for fans of My Chemical Romance to get together and discuss their favorite band, post concert reviews and recaps and share their interview/magazine scans.[1]

The following types of posts were prohibited: "gossip, rants, rumors, off topic discussions, community promotion, individual ticket requests/ticket selling posts and posts relating to band members' side projects or personal lives".[2]


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