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Journal Community
Name: Because MCR het-fic authors need a home, too.
Date(s): 5 May 2006 - 17 December 2009 (last post)
Moderator: martini_romance, schizovision, _greatguitarsex, thetwistedstar
Founder: martini_romance
Type: het fanfic
Fandom: My Chemical Romance

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mcr_het_fics is a LiveJournal community for posting het fanfiction featuring members of My Chemical Romance. According to the profile page, "Slash-fiction rules LJ, and het-fiction deserves it's own community, too."[1] It was probably the first het-only community created for MCR. my_chemical_fic was created on the same day, but it allowed both het and slash.

In May 2006, martini_romance posted to the chemicalromance comm to ask if there were any MCR communities for posting het on LJ. She reported that until then she had been posting her MCR het to Quizilla, among other places. No one in the comments had heard of any such comm either[2], so martini_romance created mcr_het_fics exclusively for posting het.[3]

At the time, het fic for MCR appears to have primarily featured original female characters, rather than pairing up the members with their non-famous canon girlfriends or female celebrities. The first canon het story wasn't posted until four months after the community was started[4], and the second, posted four months after that, was marked "maybe" original[5]. More canon ships, always-a-girl genderswap, and other non-OC het were posted later on, but never outnumbered self-inserts.

As of 2017, the community had 200 members and 279 posts.


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