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Name: Rachel Thorn (previously Matt Thorn)
Also Known As:
Occupation: translator, academic, blogger
Official Website(s): Official Site, Archived version
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Rachel Thorn is best known in the West and in anime and manga fandom as a translator and scholar of shoujo manga. She has been instrumental in introducing Western audiences to classic shoujo. At times, she has angered some fans with her controversial statements about the poor quality of English-language manga translations or fangirl Japanese. Other fans find her to be refreshingly honest.

Trans Identity

On September 1, 2017, Rachel, who describes herself as 'transgender lesbian' [1], announced her new name on Twitter:

So I've decided to take the name my mother planned to give me had I been assigned female at birth: Rachel. [2]

Her pronouns are confirmed on her blog:

Although she generally presents as a man, she identifies as a woman. "She/Her," please. [3]

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