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Name: MastoDrabble
Date(s): Jan 22, 2023
Moderator: @[email protected]
Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: MastoDrabble on Mastodon
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MastoDrabble is a creative writing challenge hosted on the fediverse, listed as +18/NSFW, and inspired by the concept of the 100-word drabble. Tailored to fit within the 500-character limit of vanilla Mastodon, but open to all fedizens, the challenge is particularly geared towards fandom content. However, any form of microfiction or fiction is welcome as long as it adheres to the 500-character constraint.

To participate, users can follow and mention the group. The challenge operates around the idea of using a 'header' post, containing titles, hashtags, and the group mention, followed by the fic as a reply. This structure allows participants the full 500 characters to write their stories, but they must remain within the limit, even if they require content warnings.

Though not strictly adhering to the traditional definition of a drabble (which typically consists of exactly 100 words), MastoDrabble embraces the 500-character format. Participants in instances with higher character limits (like Glitch) are encouraged to be mindful of not exceeding the 500-character restriction, even considering CWs as part of the writing challenge.