Mastery (Star Trek: DS9 zine)

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Title: Mastery
Publisher: Kathy Resch
Date(s): 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Language: English
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front cover by Andrea Evans

Mastery is a 138-page slash BDSM Deep Space Nine anthology by Andrea Evans and Sophie Masse. It has no inside art.

"This is an adult publication featuring BDSM and same-sex relationships. It will not be knowingly sold to anyone under the age of 18."

From the zine: "Our thanks to Esther Schrager for the term Kardasi and to Susan C. Harris for the term heldek star."

In 2002, Andrea wrote: "My first net.fandom was Deep Space Nine, specifically the Cardassians. My only previous attempt at collaborative fiction dates from that time: "Mastery", a zineful of BDSM stories written via unscripted emails, where snaples wrote Bashir and I wrote Garak and Dukat. [1]

The Editorials


The stories in this zine were composed in a very dijferent manner from normal stories. They are all simply unedited copies of a series of what I like to call Tale Tennis matches between Sophie Masse and myself. This involved exchanges of completely unscripted emails (sometimes several messages a day) which ran back and forth between us, with "Inner Voices" starting on 28 August 1996 and "Consequences" finishing on 23 January 1997. The stories were all set in what was the current DS9 canon universe at the time of writing: Dukat was stil fighting a one-ship war against the Klingons, and none of the Great Bombshells of Bashir's genetic engineering, Garak's parentage, or Dukat's deal with the Dominion, had yet been dropped. Keeping this timeframe in mind, the stories in this zine are still not inconsistent with canon (though of course everything that happens here is very much the sort of activity that takes place "offscreen").

Throughout these stories, Bashir is all Sophie Masse's work, as is all the French dialogue in "Deadly Triangle" and elsewhere. I'm responsible for all of the Cardassian characters in these stories, and also for the Cardassian language. In "Inner Voices", I also wrote the very first scene-setting paragraph up to "Good Evening Doctor". In "Wedding Breakfast", Kira was Sophie's work, Odo was mine. In "Consequences", however, Kira was mine. In "Deadly Triangle", we both shared Palis, Sophie taking him if he was sharing a scene with Garak, while I wrote him whenever he was with Bashir. ...Confused? Don't worry, so were we! But still, this series of collaborative stories were all tremendous fun to write. There's no feeling like firing off a story segment and never knowing how it'd be reacted to or what would happen next; and all the time knowing that halfway round the world, Sophie was going through the same fun and anticipation.

There is another story which follows on directly from the events in this zine, but it was written in a more normal (solo) manner, after the last story in the series was completed. This story, "Interesting Company", is a long sequel/prequel which was entirely my work, but it is different enough in tone (no BDSM) and content (concentrating on Garak and Dukat rather than Garak and Bashir), that it will be released in another zine (contact Kathy Resch for info on that zine at [email address redacted]). I think you'll find it of interest, especially if you'd like to know all about the origins of the hatred between Dukat and Garak.

By the way, the stories in "Mastery" are at the same time very hard and quite mushy. What can I say, I like extremes! I hope you have even half as much fun reading them as Sophie and I had writing them!

If you have comments to make on anything in this zine, please send them to [email address redacted]


Andrea "Cardassifan" Evans


Well. For those of you who thought my evil streak was eradicated with the few tender romps I've done, surprise! In a collaborative effort which included Andrea Evans and myself, these little pieces of depravity were written in a surprisingly low amount of days, and turned out to have a surprising amount of pages. As Andrea described it, this was the result of Tale Tennis where I got to know Julian's mind pretty well and was at the unfortunate (I mean fortunate!) mercy of Garak's evil mind (nudge nudge, Andrea). This was the result, and I must say we were both pleased by it. I should also mention that this gets really hard at some points, and I'd definitely class this as heavy-duty BDSM, so consider yourselves warned!


Sophie "BGM" Masse


From the zine:
"MASTERY" is a fan-based publication and is sold purely on a cost-recovery not a professional or profit-making basis. No infringement on Paramormt's copyright is intended. However, copyright on the stories is reserved by the authors. Reproduction or redistribution of any material contained in this zine, by any method (including but not limited to photocopying, scanning, or other electronic or photographic means) is strictly prohibited.


  • front cover by Andrea
  • Inner Voices (1)
  • Wedding Breakfast (21)
  • Deadly Triangle (45)
  • Dangerous Liaisons (71)
  • Consequences (97)
  • Kardasi Glossary (133)

Sample Interior


  1. from Essential Snarry Reader Interview with Acid and Sinick