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Journal Community
Name: Mary Renault readers and fic writers' Journal (official),
maryrenault (LJ comm name)
Date(s): 27 September 2005 - present
Moderator: shezan
Founder: shezan
Fandom: Mary Renault
URL: maryrenault

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maryrenault (official name, "Mary Renault readers and fic writers' Journal") is a LiveJournal community that was created as "[a] place to discuss Mary Renault's books, their settings and era; the author and her concerns; to post fics and criticise them; and in general to enjoy cant-free any kind of free-form discussion of matters literary, historical, philosophical and sociological revolving around 20th century English literature and/or homoerotic themes. (Yes, you could call it slash. If you like.) And more. Virtual claret much appreciated."

It is an open, moderated community with 124 members listed as of January 2013.