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Title: Marvoloverse
Author(s): Minerva McTabby, Yrfeloran, gangstersteph, others
Date(s): 2002-2005ish
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: Two Worlds and In Between (chapters 1-4), Two Worlds and In Between (chapter 5 part), The Sorting Ceremony, 1851, Two Worlds Apart, Mirror, Mirror

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Marvoloverse was created in 2002 by Minerva McTabby. It is a Harry Potter alternative universe story taking place at Hogwarts in the 1850s, a time when all houses mingled in a central common room, Imperio was still a viable duelling spell, and the game of family-based status was everything (at least to family heirs and Slytherins). The focus and namesake of the verse is Julius Marvolo, ancestor to Tom Riddle and heir to the Marvolo family. Marvoloverse has been jossed by Half-Blood Prince, but the original characters and worldbuilding have sparked a number of other fics and fanart by McTabby and others, and a mailing list that has since become inactive.


  • Two Worlds and In Between by Minerva McTabby. Fifth-year student Julius Marvolo ranks first in the game of status both in his house and, by virtue of his family name, in the greater game outside Hogwarts. His decision to take on muggle-raised Aberforth Dumbledore ("Dumbledore Minor") as a status partner is uncharacteristic and forces him to face challenges both literal and methaphorical. His rivalry with a frustratingly elusive Albus Dumbledore doesn't help. (McTabby posted part of chapter five on Dreamwidth. WiP, abandoned.
  • The Sorting Ceremony, 1851 by Minerva McTabby. Carus Tamino reflects on the why's and how's of becoming friends with Aulus Belcore, Lucan Valery, and Julius Marvolo, the very sort persons his father has always warned him about. Oneshot.
  • Mirror, Mirror by Minverva McTabby. AU of the Marvoloverse, what would have happened if Julius and Albus had become lovers instead of rivals. Oneshot.
  • Two Worlds Apart by Minerva McTabby. Albus Dumbledore tells a young Tom Riddle about Hogwarts and magic, and takes him shopping in Diagon Alley. WiP, abandoned.
  • Phoenix Riddle by Yrfeloran. Because of a ritual Albus Dumbledore performs on himself, characters of the Marvoloverse are transported to Harry Potter's time. WiP, abandoned.



Original Characters

  • Aulus Belcore: As Slytherin and family heir, Aulus has to meet great expectations. He and Julius Marvolo rule over Slytherin as a status pair, and he runs a very lucrative absinthe business. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and when Dumbledore Minor enters Slytherin, he makes his opinions on "mudbloods" known. He challenges Julius' decision to add him as a status partner, but ultimately follows him in the end. Usually, he controls himself well, but he has a temper that turns nasty from time to time.
  • Aberforth Dumbledore: Muggle-born "Dumbledore Minor" comes to Hogwarts without any magical education whatsover. He is short-tempered and grumpy, and he resents Hogwarts and magic in general, and his older brother Albus in particular. When he gets sorted into Slytherin, he catches the eye of Julius Marvolo, who makes him his status partner and force-feeds him a few lessons of what it means to be a mudblood in Slytherin.
  • Gesius Lott: A lord in his own right and ranking 6th in the greater game, Professor Lott is Slytherin's head of house and teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts and Divination. He is manipulative and ruthless, and not shy in the least to use Dark Arts in his lessons. He has an interesting relationship with Adrastus Switch.
  • Adrastus Switch: Head of Gryffindor and master of Transfigurations at Hogwarts.
  • Carus Tamino: As a plebeian, Carus has an outsider's perspective on the game of status everyone is playing, and he is the only one who sees what it does to his friends. He is in love with Julius Marvolo nonetheless. He is a Ravenclaw with a particular interest in alchemy, and he is the only one admitted to divination class because he has a gift for it. He also plays the lute on occasion.
  • Lucan Valery: Gryffindor and expert flyer.
  • Lucretia Valery:

Reactions and Reviews

*the* most accomplished and scintillating fic on the market, in a class all of its own, and that's sky-high praise given the standard of the competition. [1]


  1. ^ Happy birthday, dear mctabby!!, May 5, 2004