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Synonyms: Love–hate reaction, love it or hate it
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Comparing something to marmite implies it raises strong, polarised opinions: people either love it or hate it. The term is widespread in British use, and has spread into fandom, particularly ones originating in the UK (such as Doctor Who). It can be applied to a show, episode, character, plot arc, relationship – anything that polarises fans. For example:

She's the fandom's marmite and I'm in the 'love her' camp.[1]

...a great example of the marmite of TV shows. Some love it. Some hate it. Often for the very same reasons.[2]

this is purest Marmite of an episode[3]

After a pungent British spread made from yeast with the same property (known as Vegemite elsewhere, but it doesn't have the same metaphorical meaning). The original spread occasionally turns up in fanfiction.[4]


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