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Title: Maps
Creator: tailoredshirt
Date: 13 November 2011
Format: digital vid
Length: 3:34 min
Music: "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Genre: gen
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Footage: Canon violence; clips used through 2x08; spoilery through 2x05
URL: Maps (LJ)
Maps (YouTube)

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Maps is a Hawaii Five-0 vid by tailoredshirt about Chin and Kono.

Summary: "This is a love song, but the lyrics are not explicitly romantic. I made it with their canon partner-family relationship in mind, but it could be either gen or shippy depending on how you choose to look at it."

Recs and Reviews

Why we love it: This fanvid features Chin and Kono and could be either watched as a gen vid that focuses on their partnership and family bonds or as a ship video if you ship Chin/Kono. It is excellently edited with high quality clips and highlights the ways that Chin and Kono are always there for each other. We love the vid because it focuses on the other great partnership on the show. [1]


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