Manifest Destiny

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Title: Manifest Destiny
Publisher: KcDStudios
Date(s): 2015
Medium: print, pdf
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Language: English
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Cover of Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny is a het Mad Max: Fury Road fanzine by KcDStudios that focuses on Capable/Nux: "This "Mad Max: Fury Road" fanzine is a compilation of comics and illustrations exploring the relationship between the Wife-now-Sister, Capable, and the War Boy, Nux -- what had been and what could have been, had things turned out differently."[1]. It was originally released on August 14, 2015.[2]

The title refers to an exchange that the two characters have in the film: Capable comforts Nux, telling him that he has a purpose and meaning beyond what his society expects of him.


Required reading for any Capable/Nux fan. This fanzine is absolutely adorable! So one of the many reasons I love Nux and Capable together is how supportive and gentle they are of each other. Kacie/KcDStudios art style captures the sweetness of the characters and their relationship - Even the squabbles between Capable and Slit over Nux are cute. Choosing a favorite story/picture is hard... Maybe the one with a chibi Capable playing guitar, since musician!Capable is my jam, but really everything in this fanzine is great. They deserve happiness and in this zine, they get it.[3]