Maid on the Shore

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Title: Maid on the Shore
Creator: commodorified
Date: March 2005
Format: digital (mov)
Length: 3:31
Music: "Maid on the Shore" by Stan Rogers
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Footage: POTC
URL: archived here
screencap selected by the vidder

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Maid on the Shore is a POTC vid by commodorified that focuses on the character of Elizabeth. The vid was featured in the 2005 Vividcon Women Character Studies vid show. The vid shifts the focus of the movie from the hunt for gold treasure to a hunt for Elizabeth.


Poison pagan writes:

"Very well done! The song is perfect for the genre - an old sea shanty it seems - very well suited for the lyrics. Its edited extremely well - love certain shots "she can find nothing to ease her mind" showing Norrington then Elizabeth's distress - when the words are "to roam all alone on the shore" - the vidder (in serveral places) manages to find shots of Elizabeth just looking pensive, as if waiting for something. Quite a twist in the PoTc fandom - unexpected and lovely. Barbosa coming after her rather than the coin - almost heartbreaking. Do watch this one!"[1]

Laura Shapiro writes:

"Elizabeth deserves more attention. I love the sensitive editing here"[2]

thefourthvine writes:

"Okay. You know, I am not a critical consumer of popular culture. (I'm hardly a sentient consumer of popular culture, actually, but that's this whole other story.) So I watched Pirates, and I enjoyed it very much (I am never happier than when cuddled up with some major anachronisms and really good special effects), and I thought about it very little, beyond a few yearning wishes that Sparrow and Norrington had way more screen time, and that someone had thought to confiscate Will's not-mustache. I was, yes, a little skeeved out by the whole gorgeous-young-maiden-abducted-by-bloodthirsty-pirates thing, but I was willing to suspend my disbelief. And then I saw this vid, and my disbelief came crashing down. (Which isn't to say that I don't still enjoy the movie just as much. See "popular culture, non-sentient consumer of," above.) In this vid, Marna recuts Elizabeth on the Black Pearl to reveal the fact that, well. That sequence? Is fucking creepy, and also not funny, and also did I mention the creepy? So if you're looking for the happy little pirate movie we saw in the theaters, this isn't the vid for you. But if you're interested in maybe the ultimate example of how a vid can, by changing context and tone, completely change the meaning of the canon, this is definitely a vid for you. (Actually, it isn't optional: this is a vid for you no matter what. Go! Download!) And, see, here's what's amazing about this one. You won't see anything in this vid that you didn't see in the theater. And yet you'll come away from it feeling like you did. (You may also come away wondering precisely what universe Disney films. A very alternate one, is my feeling on the matter.) Do not miss this one."[3]