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Name: Mai-HiME; My-HiME, 舞-HiME
Creator: Masakazu Obara
Date(s): September 30, 2004 – March 31, 2005
Medium: Anime
Country of Origin: Japan
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Mai-HiME is an anime series created by Sunrise. Mai-HiME follows the adventures of a handful of girls drawn to a private school called Fuuka Academy, where they are commissioned to defend their school against monsters called Orphans. While it's hard enough for these girls to balance demon-busting with their normal school lives, a mysterious organization is working behind the scenes to make things as miserable as possible. Mai, Natsuki, Mikoto and several others have to use their hidden powers to defend their school and their loved ones from this dual threat, while also discovering the truth behind their powers.

Mai-HiME also has a spinoff series, Mai-Otome, which retains many characters that look similar to the ones from Mai-HiME, but uses a new setting and story.




The fandom is largely femslash focused, a trait found in many magical girl shows, as most of the cast is mostly female.


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