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Name: Magnifiction
Dates: 2000 - 2008 (last update)
Type: author page
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
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Magnifiction is Jean Graham's Magnificent Seven fanfic page.
Within these pages lies a world of fiction that both embraces and goes beyond the original Old West setting of the TV series, The Magnificent Seven. In a number of alternate universes (AU) the Seven can be found in both historical and contemporary settings as diverse as: the crew of a Flying Fortress in World War II; a firm of bodyguards based in Boston; ATF agents in Denver; or even in the fantastical world of swords and sorcery.
Magnifiction is proud to present a library of quality fiction for you to enjoy, and is committed to maintaining the integrity of the original characters; so whichever universe you choose, you will be able to readily identify with each and every one of the Seven as the mature, uncompromising and complex men that first graced our television screens six years ago. So pick your setting, choose your story and enter the world of Magnifiction.
The stories have a lengths from 1,000 words to more than 100,000 words and are only available in PDF format.

Description from Freyan's The Magnificent Seven Fanpage: "Jean Graham's fanfiction site. Lots of long stories in different AU's. Ezra-centric, but with a good deal of the others as well."

Old West

"If you want to read about the Seven in their original setting this is the place for you. Here you will find stories set in the Old West, in an unspecified Territory and at some indeterminate time in the late 19th century. The Seven are the unofficial peace-keepers in a frontier town referred to by fans as Four Corners and by the original script as Paso del Norte but which officially remains nameless. So, if you're looking for action and adventure in the spirit of the Wild West then stay a while and immerse yourself in the world of Magnifiction."

  • Unfinished Business
  • The Countess
  • Running Against the Wind


"It's the 21st Century and the Seven are set in the contemporary world, now as federal agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, based in Denver, Colorado. This alternate universe was originally created by Maria Mogavero and has now been enthusiastically adopted throughout the Magnificent Seven fan fiction world. If you want to see the Seven doling out their own unique brand of justice and coping with “the bad element” in a modern setting then this is just the AU for you! Take a look at some of the stories on offer here, and stay as long as you want!"

  • The Guest
  • Just Between You and Me
  • No Tomorrows
  • Somewhere Along the Road
  • Checks and Balances
  • Happy Birthday to Me
  • Figure of Speech


"In the Kings and Vagabonds AU, the Seven are situated in a bygone era of swords and sorcery where military might rules and nothing is ever quite as it seems. Join Chris, the knight; Nathan, the cleric; Josiah, the druid; Vin, the warrior; Ezra, the ranger; Buck, the man-at-arms and Jeh-di, the squire in their fantasy adventures that take them -- and you -- to places and situations completely out-of-this-world! Fate would bring them together. Destiny would make them heroes."

  • Kings & Vagabonds - Part One
  • Kings & Vagabonds - Part Two
  • The Black Rose


"World War II and the Seven are airborne! In this exclusive alternate universe created by Jean Graham, the Magnificent Seven crew a B-17G Flying Fortress. Based in Bassingbourn, England, the boys fly one of the most famous bombers of the second world war in dangerous daylight sorties over Europe. Share their adventures as they fly as part of the Mighty Eighth."

  • Fortress - Beginnings
  • The Light of Day
  • The Long Way Home
  • Reunion
  • Sweet Science


"In this contemporary AU created by Jean Graham and exclusive to Magnifiction, the Seven are involved in security and close protection, fronting a Boston firm known as InterSept. Founded by Judge Orrin Travis, the company operates throughout the world providing a wide range of security services. Whether it be the traditional role of a close protection operative, an emergency extraction from a political hot spot or even explosives disposal, the Seven are ready, willing and able to oblige. Join the magnificent team from InterSept in the exciting and dangerous world of the bodyguard."

  • Name of the Game
  • See You on Monday
  • Bad Timing
  • Backwash