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Name: Mafalda Stasi
Also Known As:
Occupation: Acafan
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Mafalda Stasi is an academic and researcher who writes on fandom and fan fiction. She teaches at Coventry University, UK in the area of fan studies.



  • Understanding Media: A Life of Crime (Autumn 2013), Mafalda Stasi, Coventry University, UK.
    • Description: Understanding Media examines in depth the themes of Narrative, Genre, Representation and Audiences. The two lectures discussing audiences, intertextuality and transmediality perform a close reading of the BBC TV series Sherlock (2010) in order to understand how texts interact with each other, and what are the ideological implications. The lectures look at the role of audiences in creating meaning, and how meaning is distributed across different media. The lectures also discuss what we gain and what we lose when we move from one medium to another, and how this impacts the overall meaning.