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Name: Stacy Dee
Alias(es): Lute, Swinger, Thumbsucker Snitch, misato_kou, Lutalicious, cutellslutelles, ThmbSckrSnitch5
Type: fic writer
Fandoms: Newsies
URL: (via Wayback)
Seize The Night
Collaborative FFN
NJL Profile
The Refuge
Homepage (dead link)
Roleplay Bio
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Lute is a fic writer who wrote primarily for the Newsies fandom. She is credited with popularizing the Snitch/Skittery ship,[1] first writing them as early as 2002. Her Snitch Week event may have been the first Newsies fanweek. She posted her works primarily to, Seize The Night, and Bask in the Sapphyness. She was born in 1987, lived in Arizona, and wrote most of her fics in high school. She maintained the NewsboyxNewsboy LiveJournal community and wrote over 120 fics. She had taken down all works by August 2012.

Notable Works


  1. ^ The Afterlife of Newsies by Sarah Marshall (2018)