Lunacy (Space: 1999 zine)

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Title: Lunacy
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print
Genre: gen and het
Fandom: Space: 1999
Language: English
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Lunacy is a 142-page gen and het Space: 1999 humor anthology. Most of the material was written and edited by Erwin Stank. There was only one issue.

"Card covers and well laid out. A vast assortment of whimsy, satire and farce based on 'Space:1999,' clever, often irreverent, even (mildly) obscene, with diverse styles and art by Lew Place. Among the articles: the alternative pornographic version of the series, Fred Freiberger's personal files, unknown merchandise, 'How to Admit You are a Space:1999 Fan' by Bob Mathias, spoofs of fan club newsletters, plus articles on bloopers and gossip. The wide variety of material includes some duds, but many hilarious hits. Many jokes go on for too many pages, but the core ideas are fun and energetic. The best example of humour in Space: 1999." [1]


  • Church Chat: 1999 by Justin Wright
  • An Extremely Interesting and Intellectual Discussion about Space: 1999 by [unreadable] Hayhurst and Jenny Lobb
  • Alpha Chronicles by Curious George, A. Harry Butt, Susan Sassy, Richard London and Stacy Delight
  • The Search for Victor by Justin Wright
  • Nightmare on Alpha: Freddy's Resurrection by James Forde Brown
  • Dr Russell's Personal Personnel Log by Caryn Steerman
  • From Freddy's Private Files by Erwin Stank
  • Moonbase Merchandise by Erwin Stank
  • Space Brain Foam by Erwin Stank
  • Moonbase Alpha Personnel Handbook by Erwin Stank, Lew Place, Caryn Steerman and Boogaloo Shrimp
  • The Universe May Never Know by Erwin Stank
  • TV Guide by Erwin Stank
  • Alpha News Service by Erwin Stark and Curious George
  • Space: 1999 Item of the Month Club by Erwin Stank and Lew Place
  • Moonbase Trivia by Lew Place
  • The How to Open Up and Admit You are a Space: 1999 Fan by Robert Mathias, MD
  • Breakaway: The Tragedy of Alpha Moonbase by James Forde Brown
  • Space: 1999 Bloopers I by Lew Place
  • Space: 1999 Bloopers II by Erwin Stank
  • Believe It or Not! by Erwin Stank
  • Dreams, Dreams, Dreams by The Mysterious Unknown Author
  • There are Those... by Erwin Stank
  • Space: 1999 Party Ideas by Erwin Stank
  • Mane Computer by Lew Place
  • LBFA Concordance by Lew Place
  • StarTwig #202 by Lew Place
  • Space: 1999 Clubs by Erwin Stank
  • Wanted by Erwin Stank


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