Love Unspoken

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Title: Love Unspoken
Publisher: Emily Fender
Type: art anthology
Date(s): 2015
Medium: print, PDF
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches,
Fandom: multifandom
Language: English
External Links: Kickstarter, Tumblr
Love Unspoken.png
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Love Unspoken is a multifandom art zine featuring 27 full color illustrations.


LOVE UNSPOKEN is a printed illustration book about star-crossed lovers! This features the work of 24 amazing artists who each depict tragic couples throughout history and around the globe- from Orpheus and Eurydice of Greek mythology to Jack and Ennis from Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain.

In this book, each artist picked a different pair of star-crossed lovers to visually explore the relationship of. The result is a detailed overview of one of the most famous themes in literature and history: star-crossed lovers. "Star-crossed lovers" are two people who are tragically held apart from each other due to outside forces, usually the expectations or rules of society. Directly below are some sneak peeks of some of the final illustrations.


Emily Fender, Karyn Lee, Kayla Fender, Stephanie Son, Elemei, Xanthe Bouma, Caitlyn Kurilich, Amelia Allore, Beka Duke, Arielle Jovellanos, Joy Yang, Natalia Data, Sara Kipin, Marta Milczarek, Sia Marmonier, Janet Sung, Joana Neves, Felicia Wahlström, Emily Siu, Alexis Page, Tiana Oreglia, Hanna Lefcourt, Qistina Khalidah, Larry Yang

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