Love's Not A Competition

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Title: Love's Not a Competition
Creator: PR Zed
Date: March, 2008
Format: quicktime
Length: 17MB
Music: "Love's Not A Competition" by The Kaiser Chiefs
Genre: slash, Bodie/Doyle
Fandom: The Professionals
Footage: original source material
Download at The Circuit Archive
Vidder's Website (password required)

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"Love's Not a Competition" is a The Professionals vid by PR Zed. It premiered at Escapade in March, 2008.

Vidder's Notes: "The existence of this vid is entirely due to an image in my head. Listening to the song (repeatedly, since it's a song I adore from a band I adore) I kept think how much one note in the intro sounded like a water drop. And how cool it would be to have a credit title ripple like water in time with that note. All of which finally led me to open Final Cut, import the song and play around with title effects for three days until I had just the right ripple with just the right timing.

And then I realized I should probably make a vid to go with the title.

Apart from wanting to figure out the ripple effect, the song always struck me as a good one for Bodie, for showing how he plays around with love and affection, but how ultimately Doyle is the only true partner for him, in all senses of the word."