Lost Hours

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Title: Lost Hours
Publisher: MacWombat Press
Author(s): Linda Mooney
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Ladyhawke
Language: English
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Lost Hours is a 60-page het Ladyhawke novel by Linda Mooney.

It is a prequel to the movie.

It has a color cover with black and white screencaps from the movie inside.

The publisher did not credit the cover artist


From Agent With Style:

Two lovers have been cursed by a man of God who has turned to the black arts. They have fled Aquila, hoping to escape the Bishop's wrath, but instead have met with a terrible future. In the hours that followed, Isabeau D'Anjou and Etienne Navarre come to understand what has happened to them (that during the daylight hours, Isabeau must wear the guise of a hawk, and when darkness falls, she returns to human form, but Navarre becomes a black wolf, the curse keeping them ever apart), and then they must learn to survive, hoping that their love does as well.


  • Matins -- (Midnight) Isabeau tries to cope with what has happened to her.
  • Lauds -- (Three a.m.) The priest Imperius realizes what he's done.
  • Prime -- (Six a.m.) Isabeau struggles to survive.
  • Tierce -- (Nine a.m.) Navarre tries to find his own answers.
  • Sext -- (Noon) The Bishop of Aquila celebrates his victory.
  • Nones -- (Three p.m.) Navarre confronts Imperius.
  • Vespers -- (Six p.m., Sunset) Navarre and Isabeau witness the truth.
  • Compline -- (Nine p.m.) The curse is wrought. But there is hope.