Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction Recs

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Journal Community
Name: Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction Recs, lotr_fic_recs
Date(s): 2004-2012 (on hiatus)
Moderator: elanorgardner, sometimes sophinisba
Founder: elanorgardner
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
URL: http://community.livejournal.com/lotr_fic_recs

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Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction Recs is a LiveJournal community founded by Elanor Gardner in January 2004. The original plan was that the moderator would post a theme each week and community members would respond with anonymous comments, but this quickly developed into arguments including negative comments about fics being recced. The rules were changed in February 2004 to limit comments to simple recs, without discussions or even "seconds"[1] and then to allow signed comments [2]

Each "rec challenge" post announces a rec theme chosen by the moderator, which might be a character, pairing, or genre. There is an effort to vary the challenges between Lord of the Rings FPF, Lotrips, and themes that could include both, but since most of the community's active participants have been hobbit fans, most of the recs on these general posts have tended to be about hobbits.

The community was most active in its first few years. With decreasing participation, challenge posts were spaced out to once every two weeks (from June 2005) and then once a month (from March 2009).

Elanor Gardner has been the primary mod throughout the life of the community. Sophinisba served as a co-mod between late 2007 and late 2009. During about this same period announcements were crossposted to a duplicate community on InsaneJournal to accommodate fans who'd left LiveJournal following Strikethrough, but recs were always collected on the LJ posts. The community has not created a presence on Dreamwidth.


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