Lonesome Dove: The Series

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Name: Lonesome Dove: The Series
Abbreviation(s): LD:TS, TS
Date(s): 1994 - 1995
Medium: TV Show
Country of Origin: Canada
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Lonesome Dove: The Series was a Canadian TV show of 21 episodes that aired from 1994 to 1995. The show focused on a version of a character, Newt Dobbs, created by Larry McMurtry in his books and miniseries known as the Lonesome Dove Saga. While Newt Dobbs dies in one of the later US miniseries, he's alive and well in LD: The Series, reinvented as Newt Call, who leaves Texas and heads north on his own. He settles in Curtis Wells, Montana, where he falls in love, marries, and becomes deputy of the frontier town.

While the Lonesome Dove of the title refers to a ranch in Texas in Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove Saga, it refers to a hotel in Curtis Wells in Lonesome Dove: The Series. Apart from two guest stars, none of the other characters of Larry McMutry's Lonesome Dove Saga appear on LD: The Series. All the characters are unique to this show.

The series is set in 1878. Principal characters with Newt Call (played by Scott Bairstow) are Hannah Peale (played by Christianne Hirt), who becomes his wife; Josiah Peale (played by Paul Le Mat), her father and the newspaperman in town; Austin Peale (played by Paul Johansson), Hannah's brother, who also works at the newspaper; and Colonel Francis Clay Mosby (played by Eric McCormack), a former Confederate officer, now a gambler and scoundrel who settles in Curtis Wells and becomes the owner of the saloon.

LD: The Series was created as family-oriented fare, attempting to tap into the same audience as the US series Doctor Quinn: Medicine Woman. This bid to find a family audience failed, however, and the show's second season--known as Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years--featured instead gritty, hard-edged realism for a more adult audience.

LD: The Outlaw Years is the focus of most fannish activity, but LD: The Series is crucial for setting up the characters' backstories and relationships as they play out in the second season.