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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: LizardChyck's X-Files Fan Fiction
Author: LizardChyck
Dates: 1999-2001
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (Wayback)
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LizardChyck's X-Files Fan Fiction is LizardChyck's fanfic site.
Imagine the following scene: Late at night, when the grown-ups are falling asleep in front of Johnny Carson, an energetic and creative 10 year old is still wide awake in her darkened bedroom. The batteries are out on her flashlight, so no reading under the covers; besides, she has her own stories that need to be told. So she casts her oversized teddy bear in the role of Mr. Spock, puts a Swingline mini-stapler to good use as both a phaser and a communicator, and boldly goes where no kid has gone before -- to battle the under-the-bed aliens.
And thus was a fan fiction writer born.
Of course, it took me another quarter of a century to actually put anything to paper (electronically speaking). But now that I have, I have no plans to quit!
Now my attentions are focused on X-Files fan fiction -- there are still aliens under the bed; they've just been joined by vampires, shapeshifters, and an occasionally flukeman. And I keep finding cigarette butts down there, too. Morleys, of course. C'mon, see for yourself....
... But beware: Most of these stories are Scully/Skinner and quite a few are not something a ten-year-old should read![1]
The page was a member of the Skinner/Scully Webring and The Surly Skinner Webring.


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