Living on Tulsa Time

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Title: Living on Tulsa Time
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Living on Tulsa Time is a Alex/Tris slash fic by Pamela Rose.

Alex/Tris is coded real person slash, specifically Led Zeppelin.

This fic was circulated semi-privately among interested fans, as well as being printed in the APA Strange Bedfellows #1 in May 1993.

In 1993, the author wrote to fans of her stories:

Thanks for the kind comments on 'Tulsa Time." I'm open to feedback from the group. Should I keep sending in stories? God knows there are a lot of them. I could keep it up for quite some time. [1]

Fan Comments


Some missing divisions between events made it a little difficult to follow (the one I can think of immediately is a break between returning to the second show, and finishing the second show) without re-reading sections. The story itself is pretty good, but some sections feel like they were dealt with too quickly. There were also some parts where keeping track of who was talking was just a little difficult. I don't mean to pick - I actually enjoyed this a lot, and it's not like any part was impossible to figure out, but on an initial reading it doesn't flow too well. [2]
I enjoyed "Living on Tulsa Time", which surprised me, because I have no interest in rock music and would have said I had no interest in stories based on people I didn't know. I don't know Led Zeppelin, but now I know what Tris and Alex look like... hey, they're cute. So's the story. [3]


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