Live Slug Reaction

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Synonyms: Live Klaud Reaction
Date Started: 21st February 2022
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Live Slug Reaction is a meme involving an image of the very minor character of Klaud from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The meme appears to have originated on Twitter, before spreading and going viral on Tumblr. The Klaud image will be edited into another, usually a screenshot, of a scene featuring a queer relationship of some kind.


The meme appears to have been started with a tweet by @PinkRangerLB.[1]

Rise of Skywalker does have one perfect moment, it’s that right after they show the first gay kiss in Star Wars (for 2 seconds) they immediately cut to this frowning slug monster for twice as long. 16/10, no notes[1]

This statement was actually incorrect. The initial tweet alleges that there's a scene in RoS in which the camera immediately cuts from a same-gender kiss to Klaud's face. In actuality, the kiss happens after the scene with Klaud. The actual image of him used doesn't appear in the film either - it actually comes from a promotional piece. @PinkRangerLB acknowledged they were incorrect, tweeting "it appears that the slug monster shot is actually BEFORE the kiss, not after, but my point still stands".[1]

The format of this meme, originated on Twitter before spreading to Tumblr in early March 2022. Initially, on Twitter, the meme seems to use Klaud's actual name, whereas the version on Tumblr simply calls him a slug.



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