List of Pirates of the Caribbean Pairing Names

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As in many fandoms, pairing names in PotC fandom are often simply the characters' names separated by a slash, so that "Will Turner/Elizabeth Swann" or "Will/Elizabeth" indicates a story about a romantic or sexual relationship between Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann.

The following pairing names, most of which are pairing smush or Portmanteau combinations of the characters' names, are also commonly used in the fandom:

Will Turner/Elizabeth Swann

• Willabeth, Will/Liz

Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann

• Sparrabeth

sparrabeth - for all fanworks and discussion for the pairing

Jack Sparrow/Will Turner

• Turrow

jackwill - for all fanworks and discussion for the pairing

Jack Sparrow/James Norrington

• Sparrington

sparrington - for fanworks, discussion and recs for the pairing

James Norrington/Will Turner

• Turrington, Willington

James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann

• Norribeth

Hector Barbossa/Elizabeth Swann

• Barbossabeth

Jack Sparrow/Cutler Beckett

• Speckett

Jack Sparrow/Hector Barbossa

• Sparbossa


• Moog


• Gillington


• Grovington


• Grovette

James Norrington/Will Turner/Jack Sparrow

• turrowton

Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner

• PotCOT3