Line of Sight

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due South Fanfiction
Title: Line of Sight
Author(s): Kalena
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
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Line of Sight is a Fraser/Smithbauer story by Kalena.

Reactions and Reviews

No matter which Ray you wish would end up with Fraser in a Canadian shack, you gotta give props to Marc because, for better or worse, he was there first and, along with Eric, he's an excellent candidate for Fraser's first boy-crush. Ah the long hours playing hockey, ah the pre-pubescent homosocial bonding, ah the intense weirdness of their reunion. There has always seemed to me to be a wacky depth, a symbolic centrality, implied by Mark's initial refusal to acknowledge Fraser - especially contrasted by the warmth and affection of their later scenes together in Fraser's apartment and at the Chicago pond. Woven right through the episode, "Line of Sight" is painfully real. Who are you? Who were you? Who are you becoming? [1]


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