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Name: Lewis Challenge
Date(s): May 2011 - present
Moderator(s): kat_lair
Founder: pushkin666
Type: Varies
Fandom: Inspector Lewis
Associated Community: on Livejournal
URL: Masterlist of Masterlists
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Inspector Lewis Fanworks Challenge is a challenge community in the Inspector Lewis fandom.

It is organised through LiveJournal and had its first challenge in the summer of 2011.

They are "a community dedicated to running various fanwork challenges and exchanges for the Lewis fandom." These have included Secret Santa and other holiday exchanges, challenges based on seasons of the show, and trope challenges.

In 2015, as part of International Fanworks Day they initiated a roulette challenge where "you pick a colour (red or black) and you pick a number (0-36) and you spin (comment in this post) and you see what Lady Luck (that’s us) has in store for you. Essentially, it’s a lucky dip of song prompts. You pick red you will get a love song (for the hopeful romantics among us). You pick black you will get a non-love song (songs on various other themes, nothing romantic here per se). We have a randomised list of 36 songs in various genres (pop, rock, rap, opera, blues, classical…) for each colour."