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Name: Legend
Dates: November 12, 1988
Location: Bradford Hotel, Liverpool
Type: charity con, media con
Focus: Blake's 7, Doctor Who
Organization: a "Liverpool based media SF group"
Founding Date:
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Legend was a 1988 one-day media con in Liverpool. It was organized as a charity event for "Children in Need."

Con Reports

In aid of Children in Need, at the Bradford Hotel, Liverpool, November 12, 1988. Originally called PsyCon and scheduled to take place at the Albert Dock, this event was co-organised and moved to a smaller location due to the administration problems caused, I understand, largely by the Postal Strike. Despite these problems, the organisers -- LEGEND -- a Liverpool based media SF group, succeeded in making it a really enjoyable day.

Special guests were Peter Tuddenham and Brian Croucher, each of whom featured in a guest panel and took part in the auction. Peter stayed for the full event and was as charming and friendly as he always is. Brian was also very friendly, chatting to everyone and bringing his own style and humour to the event. The auction was one of the high spots of the day, and included some B7 postcards, Monthlies and photos, as well as a unique Dr Who item - the Doctor's penlight. Brian also auctioned a Pudsgy balloon which kept escaping and flying round the stage, and he was narrowly prevented from auctioning his trousers, a hotel chair, and some of the hotel's tablecloths! There was also a dealers room, a video programme which featured B7 as well as Dr Who, and a model display which included a full size Liberator flight deck console, painstakingly built by Rory Hull. Rory kindly donated one of his models, a Scorpio complete with working lights at the rear, to the auction. There were also some beautifully detailed Dr Who costumes, including the 6th Doctor, a Sontaran, a Robot of Death and a Cyberman, which managed to flummox Brian by calmly walking in and taking a seat in the audience while Brian was in the middle of answering a question!

All together, the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly, and the event raised a total of around £500 for Children in Need. I really enjoyed the day, and I think everyone else did too. LEGEND are already considering holding another B7 event next year. Let's hope they do, I'd certainly go again. [1]
THE LEGEND EVENT - And for a final note on what NOT to do when running a contention, just take a look at the LEGEND pre-con advertisement booklet/progress report, As you heard from Fliss Davies above, the actual event went off very well and was a great success. If only they'd actually spoken to some B7 fans before publishing their booklet... A 4 page 'article' on the background/characters/storylines of B7 from The Way Back to Blake was so mildly inaccurate, it was quite laughable. I can't be bothered to even waste space detailing all the errors, but a couple were: Confusing Cally with Jenna (ie Cally was the pilot, Jenna was the alien), completely forgot about Gan and Dayna, having Travis turn into a good guy in Star One and joining Blake and Co. against the Federation (111?) and completely cocking up the events of 'Blake'. Also printing a completely out of date address for the Horizon advert, despite having been sent correct ones, and despite being in contact with Sue Christian... But their final statement about the actual cast was the most unpleasant and untrue part... "Many of the actors who portrayed principal characters in B? have turned their back on the show and its fans... but many (like our 2 guests today - ie Peter and Brian) are still interested enough to attend conventions and events..." - Well, Legend chaps, I think that is bloody rude, and also untrue. Which 'many' of the main cast have turned their backs on fans?? In this past year, Gareth, Sally, Paul, Michael, Jan, Peter, Brian and David have appeared at conventions and keep in regular touch with their fans. Jacqueline Pearce has attended several conventions, although due to work commitments hasn't been able to THIS year, Josette Simon has been working almost without a break since the end of B7 and so has Steven Pacey. I have seen both these latter several times in the past couple of years, and both have always been VERY friendly and appreciative of B7 fans, even if they aren't actively involved in fandom, fit the time of writing, it is possible that Steven Pacey may attend the Gambit Convention in February, depending on work commitments. So there. Any apologies, Tim Worthington and John Brand??? [2]


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