Lee Butler's Blake's 7 Page

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Name: Lee Butler's Blake's 7 Page
Owner/Maintainer: Lee Butler
Dates: c. January 1996 – 2003 (Wayback date)
Type: information
Fandom: Blake's 7
URL: hawks.ha.md.us/blake7/index.html (via WBM)
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Lee Butler's Blake's 7 Page was an early Blake's 7 fansite. Like many of its era, the site does not give itself any title beyond Blake's 7, but it is referred to thus in the Lysator FAQ. Paul James calls it one of the first sites[1] and SFFN.com calls it The grandaddy of all Blakes 7 sites.[2] It is linked by the Lysator FAQ dated January 1996.[3]


Contents included:

  • Character information, including speculation on the origin of their names
  • Episode synopses & transcripts
  • Frame captures & sound clips
  • Costume information
  • Bloopers and blunders
  • Details of the B7 videos
  • Fan club information
  • Bibliography
  • A few links to other resources


  • svandensen recommends the site: Wow! Extensive site with cast, character, actor bios, bloopers, videos, pictures, costume index and so much more. Too numerous to list. Go there.[4]


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