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Name: LazyTown
Creator: Magnús Scheving (Magnús Örn Eyjólfsson Scheving)
Date(s): 16 August 2004 – 13 October 2014
Medium: Live-Action TV
Country of Origin: Iceland
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LazyTown was a children's live-action TV series, focused around encouraging kids to eat healthily and exercise. Several memes have been based on LazyTown content, most notably We Are Number One.


LazyTown began as a 1995 book, Áfram Latibær! (Go, LazyTown!), written by the actor who portrays Sportacus, Magnús Scheving.[1] Scheving went on to produce plays based on the book before launching the TV show in 2004.[2]

The LazyTown TV show was first commissioned by Nickelodeon and originally ran from 2004-2007. A few shorts featuring the LazyTown characters, called LazyTown Extra, were created as a co-production with the BBC in 2008. In 2011, the franchise was purchased by Turner Home Entertainment, which ordered two additional seasons of the show that aired from 2013-2014. [3][4]

The show included a mixture of live actors and puppets.



Fanon and Fandom Trends

Although the fandom is primarily focused on the TV show, it is common for fans to incorporate material from the book and stage plays into fanworks. Fanworks frequently reference older versions of the characters' backstories and relationships.

Additionally, there are several significant differences between the original Icelandic show and its English translation--for example, in Icelandic, Sportacus's name is literally "Sports Elf" and he is treated as being an elf, while in English he is generally portrayed as a human. [5] As a result, AO3 maintains seperate character tags for the English and Icelandic versions of certain characters.


Despite being a children's show, LazyTown enjoys a significant adult periphery fandom and a lot of shipping content. As of November 2022, the most popular pairing in the LazyTown category on AO3 is the slash pairing of Robbie Rotten/Sportacus, followed by the pairing's Icelandic-language counterpart, Glanni Glæpur/Íþróttaálfurinn. The het pairing Sportacus/Stephanie enjoys more popularity on Other notable pairings include Stephanie/Trixie and Bessie Busybody/Mayor Meanswell.


The show had a number of catchy songs that became memes and inspired various parodies and edits:[6]

In addition to the songs, the show was also the origin of several non-musical memes, most notably the exploitable object labeling template known as "Would You Like To?" This meme is from the first episode of the TV show and circulated widely outside of LazyTown fandom circles.[7]

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