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Title: Lawsuits
Type: Art anthology
Date(s): 2020
Medium: Print, PDF
Size: 25+ pages
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Language: English
External Links: Carrd, Tumblr, Twitter
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Lawsuits is a fashion-themed gen art zine centered around the female characters of the Ace Attorney series. Originally scheduled to be released in February-March 2020[1], complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic led to a shift in the project's base of operations[2] and shipping for the physical zine being delayed until September.[3]



Nikukurin (head moderator), Sequioa (co-moderator), Randomthunk (graphics), Ary (finances)

Zine Artists

Nikukurin, Veevum, Poichanchan (also cover artist), Waweii, Dotoriii, Bigglyboof, Adirosa (also merch artist), Xin (also merch artist), Lambda, Ven, Nat, Mythridate, Oalcuadrado, Rhesymn, Degarcia, Ira, Maesketch, Katarie, Madame Rinrin, Karla (also merch artist), You, Koko, Kon, Soupskkn (also merch artist), Nymph


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