Laws of Murphy

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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Laws of Murphy
Author(s): T.W. Lewis
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
External Links: Laws of Murphy on AO3

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Laws of Murphy is a Sentinel story by T.W. Lewis.

Reactions and Reviews

Extraordinarily funny and sexy at the same time *g* [1]
gardendoor, AKA TW Lewis, is the author of my favorite humorous slash fic of all time, Laws of Murphy, which I previously recommended at ts_fresh_air. Now she has a new WIP in her journal, and has graciously given me permission to mention it here :-)

It is slash, currently untitled, and comes with an MPreg warning. Now that would tend to put me off a story, normally (not so much because of the squick factor, but more that I haven't read that many that I liked or that were believable), but I love gardendoor's writing, so I had to read it *g*. And I found it utterly intriguing. I can't but admire someone who gets Jim and Blair's dialogue and characterisations - even in these strange circumstances - so spot on, and the premise is a really interesting one.

There are currently two parts written, and she has indicated that more is to come soon. So there you go - if you're feeling brave, or don't mind MPreg, please do give it a try :-) [2]


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