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Star Trek Convention
Name: LaGrange Con
Dates: 1990
Frequency: probably once
Founding Date:
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LaGrange Con was a Star Trek con by USS LaGrange, a Star Trek club out of Ohio.

Con Report

For a first attempt at a convention, the USS LaGrange was very ambitious. Patrick Stewart doesn't do a lot of cons but he was their first star. Mr. Stewart was delayed in his arrival which resulted in all the Saturday evening events being slid back about 3 hours. This was extremely inconvenient to all of us but as it turned out, Mr. Stewart was well worth the wait. If you ever have the chance to meet Mr. Stewart or hear him perform, please do yourself a big favor and make the effort to attend. I was doubly impressed when Mr. Stewart not only overcame a number of difficulties which arose during his presentation, but stayed in the ballroom and signed autographs until everyone had one (and in the case of yours truly two), 1200.

The rest of the convention was a mixed bag. They did not have an art room or gaming. The dealers' room was not much larger than Jack's clubhouse and not a lot of dealers. This was due to them asking $200.00/table. But the dealers that were there seemed to do a landslide business. You could not move in that room unless the crowd moved you. The panels were so-so but wellattended because there was nothing else to do and people wanted the good seats for Mr. Stewart.

Besides overselling the convention, which resulted in the fire and police personnel crashing Mr. Stewart's presentation on Sunday, they had to turn away hundreds of people both days. Perhaps there was some connection as many were extremely angry. Next time they have a star with such a draw, they may plan for larger facilities. All in all, it seemed to be a good learning experience.

Our own Teresa Tuel entered the costume contest and did a marvelous job. Our Romulan won first place Star Trek, non-uniform. Then she took Best in Show. Our congratulations to the first

officer of the Kitty Hawk. [1]


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