Kurofai Olympics

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Name: KuroFai Olympics
Date(s): 2010-present
Moderator(s): current: peaceful-fury Dreamwidth Tumblr Past: cloverfield, zelinxia, animangod, flowerspeaks, aquarius_galaxy, others
Founder: unknown, possibly Mikkeneko
Fandom: Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle
Associated Community: Kurofai Dreamwidth
URL: Dreamwidth Tumblr
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The KuroFai Olympics is a themed yearly challenge for fannish creators who are fans of the KuroFai slash pairing from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. The event is based on Dreamwidth but also has a dedicated Tumblr. It does not have fixed dates but generally takes place in spring or early summer. Each year, the mods provide participants with a list of prompts, and divide participating writers into two teams with contrasting themes (ex: Sun vs. Moon, Angst vs. Fluff, and Fantasy vs. Sci Fi). One writer from each team is assigned to each prompt, and readers vote on the resulting fics. The competition is less between individual writers and more between the themed teams, although individual stories are scored and the mods often highlight particularly high-scoring writers when announcing the winning team. Voting previously occurred on Dreamwidth but is now conducted via Google Forms. Fics are rated according to their writing quality, how well they fit the prompt, and how much readers enjoyed them. In more recent years, artists have also been invited to participate by drawing for various prompts, although the focus of the event is still on written works.

Event History

Past Events

  • 2022: Blessed vs. Cursed
  • 2021: Sun vs. Moon (winner: Team Sun)
  • 2020: Fluff vs. Angst (winner: Team Fluff)
  • 2019: Sea vs. Space (winner: Team Sea)
  • 2018: Gods vs. Machines (winner: Team Machines)
  • 2017: Dragon vs. Phoenix (winner: Team Dragon)
  • 2016: Light vs. Dark (winner: Team Light)
  • 2015: Fantasy vs. Sci Fi (winner: Team Sci Fi)
  • 2014: Comedy vs. Drama (winner: Team Drama)
  • 2013: Future vs. Fantasy (winner: Team Future)
  • 2012: AU vs. Canon (winner: Team AU)

Notable Participants

Example Fanworks

  • Always In This Twilight by Zelinxia- “Nighttime was something Kurogane never liked for as long as he could remember. No matter how many times he tries to overcome his restlessness, it's still hard for him to fall asleep, even with the presence of the full moon under the night sky. Written for the KuroFai 2012 Spring Olympics for the Dreamwidth community. I was on Team Canon and the prompt was 'Under a Blackened Sky'.”
  • Setting Fire to the Sky by robonauts – “Fai is the head witch in a city with a drought problem. Sakura is his amnesiac apprentice. Kurogane is the terse hunter who enters his town. Magical hijinks ensue. Written for the 2016 KuroFai Olympics for Team Light, for the prompt "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them."
  • been waiting for a lifetime with you by humancorn – “The post-TRC-ending gang lands in a new world where strange marks have appeared on their skin. What could they mean? How do they deal with this? They drink coffee, they cuddle, and overall have a good time of course. Written for KuroFai Olympics 2020, Team Fluff, Prompt: Soulmate AU”