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Name: Jouta Kujo
Occupation: ?
Relationships: Noriaki Kakyoin (father), Jotaro Kujo (father)
Fandom: JoJo's Bizarre Married Life
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Jouta Kujo is a fan character created by doujin circle CLAMP in one of their Jotakak doujinshi.


In the doujinshi Jojo's Bizarre Married Life, Jouta is produced from an egg that appears one morning in the Kujo household, where Kakyoin now resides after marrying Jotaro. He emerges with a Stand, a deep affection for Kakyoin, and a distaste for his father Jotaro. He ages rapidly, and retains his Oedipus complex even in adulthood.


Jouta is more popular among Western fans than among Japanese fans, with most of the works on Pixiv coming from English-language artists. Western fandom's embrace of Jouta is at least partly ironic, but he's sometimes depicted more genuinely by Jotakak fans who appreciate their ship having such a prestigious fix-it AU.

In art, Jouta is usually depicted with a slender build consistent with CLAMP's doujinshi, rather than the hulking build most characters have in the original Stardust Crusaders manga.