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Name: The Kink-Slash Fanfic Webring
Date Founded: 19 August 2000 or before (oldest Wayback capture)
Fandom: Multifandom
Focus: kink
URL: (Wayback)
The Kink-Slash Fanfic Webring.png

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The Kink-Slash Fanfic Webring is a kink and BDSM fanfic webring.

Do you prefer your slash with a "bite" to it? Have you read all the fic in your fandom labeled as kink and/or BDSM and now you're looking for more? Are you tired of searching through endless websites hunting for that one kink fic that may be hidden amongst the rest of the stories? Well, that's what this webring is here to help with.

The purpose of this webring is to try to link together all the sites in all fandoms that contain slash fanfic of a kink/BDSM nature. In this ring, kink/BDSM includes anything from the extremely light -- silk scarves, food play, spanking, etc. -- to a full dungeon set up. Whatever suits your tastes.

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