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Name: Kevin
Occupation: Radio host and Journalist
Location: Desert Bluffs
Status: Alive
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Other: Voiced by Kevin R. Free
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Kevin is a character in the podcast Welcome to Night Vale. He is the host of the community radio show in rival town Desert Bluffs, which is strongly disliked by residents of Night Vale, the town in which Welcome to Night Vale takes place. Kevin is the Desert Bluffs equivalent of WTNV narrator and protagonist Cecil Palmer, and there have been hints in canon that the two are alternate versions of one another.


During the sandstorm, a vortex allowed Kevin to wander briefly into Cecil's abandoned booth. After the StrexCorp takeover of Night Vale Community Radio, Kevin was heard voicing a StrexCorp ad. During the Night Vale mayoral debate, Kevin wandered through the old oak door that appears in the night vale community radio booth. After a heated argument with Steve Carlsberg, Steve throws Kevin though the old oak door back into the desert other world "by his blood stained lapels".

On Parade Day, Kevin and Lauren Mallard arrived at the station together. He took over hosting duties of the renamed "Greater Desert Bluffs Metropolitan Area Community Radio" while Cecil is trapped in along with the rest of the Night Vale citizens in StrexCorp company picnic.

Later, as Night Vale revolted, he and Lauren continued to host the show from a secret location. Ultimately, Kevin tried to convince Cecil and Steve Carlsberg "to believe in a Smiling God" and join StrexCorp. However, he offends Steve Carlsberg by implying that his step-daughter Janice, who cannot walk, would be "fixed". Carlsberg tossed him through one of the old oak doors, leaving Kevin presumably stuck in the otherworldly desert.

Several months later, he called Cecil's voicemail, passive-aggressively hinting at his return and revenge.

Kevin is voiced by New York playwright Kevin R Free.


Kevin is described in canon as though he is Cecil's double, and therefore fanart depictions of Kevin draw on some of the same fanon traits as Cecil, such as arm tattoos or black-and-white hair. However, it seems that there are also very distinct differences between the two.

When the two see each other's photographs, Kevin describes Cecil's smile ambivalently ("And that smile ... Is that a smile?"), while Cecil is frankly disturbed by Kevin's, saying, "And that smile ... No! That is not a smile." When Kevin attempts to demonstrate a smile, Cecil cries, "You monster!" and Steve Carlsberg describes the sight of his smile as "really gross." His eyes are also described by Cecil as being "black as obsidian". Fanart and cosplays of Kevin therefore tend to focus on his gruesome smile and empty eyes, sometimes depicting him with stitches at the corner of his mouth.

Kevin's voice is softer, gentler and more light-hearted than Cecil's.


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