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Name: Kellin Quinn
Also Known As:
Occupation: Musician (lead vocalist and keyboardist of Sleeping With Sirens)
Medium: Music, Clothing design
Works: Anthem Made clothing line
Official Website(s): Twitter, Instagram, Sleeping With Sirens official website
Fan Website(s): Fanpop, Facebook
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Kellin Quinn is the lead vocalist and keyboardist of American rock band Sleeping With Sirens, primarily best known for his leggero tenor vocal range.


Kellin was born in Medford, Oregon on April 24th, 1986 to parents Lisa Richards and Jeuse Bostwick. He was involved in his local music scene and developed a musical interest from a young age. However, his musical career took off in 2009 when he moved to Florida to join Sleeping With Sirens. Before that, he was briefly involved with the creation of a band called Closer 2 Closure in tenth grade (now disbanded).

Kellin Quinn married current wife Katelynne Quinn on April 27th, 2013 after dating for four years. Toether, they have a daughter named Copeland Quinn Bostwick (born May 18th, 2012), as well as two other children from Katelynne’s previous relationships.

In Fanfiction

As of January 22, 2016, there are 384 AO3 fanworks tagged with "Kellin Quinn".[1]

Popular Pairings

Kellin Quinn/Vic Fuentes (lead singer and rhythm guitarist of post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil), commonly referred to as “Kellic”

Kellin Quinn/Oliver Sykes (lead vocalist of UK rock band Bring Me The Horizon), commonly referred to as “Koli” or “Koliver”. The two were involved in an argument over Twitter in 2013, which has lead to many fans hateshipping them.





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