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Synonyms: kpop penpals, #kpoppenpal
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"Pen Pals" have become a popular way of connecting with other fans in the Western K-Pop, K-Drama, and other Asian music or Asian drama fandoms.

In addition to exchanging mail between pen pals, fans usually share pictures of their mail on social media. Kpop Pen Pals Primer

Writing Letters

It seems that part of the appeal of sending letters in to create something aesthetically pleasing and receive something nice in return. This can include colorful writing, drawings, stickers, etc. In addition to writing letters, it is encouraged/customary to include small goodies in the mail. Photocards related to K-pop fandom are common.

Fans are encouraged to ask their parents, if they are underaged, before sharing addresses and personal information.

Finding Pen Pals

In order to find penpals, fans will usually post a short personal profile on social media in a K-pop pen pal tag or community. Profiles usually list the fan's name, age, location, fandoms, social media information, and what kind of pen pal they are looking for. Fans seeking penpals may find each other through the "kpoppenpalswanted" hashtag or through other hashtags and communities, then reach out privately online before they begin exchanging letters. [1]

Sample Gallery

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